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Sustainability Report - 2019

Sustainability Report in the G4 format of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

FSC Approval - (Forest Stewardship Council)


   All Lacan Florestal projects seek the FSC certification. The Forest Stewardship Council mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world's forests, through a set of 10 principles and 57 criteria that apply to FSC-certified forests around the world. To learn more, please click on the FSC trademark to the right.

PRI - (Principles for Responsible Investment)


   As an asset management firm, Lacan has been a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment since 2013. The PRI works to understand the investment implications of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and to support its international network of investor signatories in incorporating these factors into their investment and ownership decisions. The PRI acts in the long-term interests of its signatories, of the financial markets and economies in which they operate and ultimately of the environment and society as a whole. To learn more, please click on the PRI trademark to the left.